Issue 4

Americana Rural

by Nancy Dillingham

Out of Place

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief


by Bethany Rountree

Blood on Blood

by Joy Boothe


by Anne Maren-Hogan

Guard the Night

by Stephanie Thomas Berry

My Neighborhood

by Kathy Weisfeld

Chakra Beat

by Gary Miller

The End of Summer

by Lynn McLure

Breaking the Seal

by Susan Larson

Answered Prayers

by Teleia H. Tollison

Girl with Guitar, 1947

by Michael Beadle


by Mesha Maren

One Thing

by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

Highway 19

by Brian Hart

Flocks of Tundra Swans

by Pam Ruatto

Being in Place

by Katherine Soniat

Excerpt from Ira

by Starlina Rose

Causality Threads

by R.R. Brooks

A Safe Place

by Barbara Benson

My First Ex-Husband

by Nena Jobina

Gone to Ride: A Close Look at Place and The Pleasure Was Mine

by Tommy Hays, Executive Director, Great Smokies Writing Program