Issue 30


by Jan L. Griffin

Tanbou Haitian Drum

by Terry Leigh Deal


by Karen Luke Jackson

The Mind of God

by Karen Dresser

It's About Time

by Jeanne Howe

The Pen

by Ginger Graziano

Kept the Wolf

by Daria Uporsky

Backyard Hen

by Tory Grieves


by Nicole Farmer

Cliffield Mountain

by Bill Caldwell

What We Keep

by Lindsey Donner

There Are No Weeds

by Mel Kelley

A Patriarch’s Last Catch

by Tim Franklin

The Preacher Man

by Kimberli McWhirter

The Poet Is In

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief


by Tommy Hays, Executive Director, Great Smokies Writing Program


by Metta Pry

Selections from Love in Storage

by Darlena Rice Moore