Issue 3

For Reading Out Loud

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief

Desire of the Mind

by Aiyanna Sezak-Blatt

First Marriage (March 1972)

by Norvin Dickerson

Stay With Me

by Charlotte Wolf

The Good Child

by Jeanette Reid

The Burglar

by Patricia Podlipec


by Cecily Hamlin Wells

My Name

by Sandy Perkins


by Jean Cassidy


by Michael Hopping

Man Chopping Wood

by Coranna Adams

In Ollie’s Oyster House

by Barry Kelly

High Stakes: Remembering Jim McElduff

by Tommy Hays, Executive Director, Great Smokies Writing Program

The Goldenberg Effect

by Judi Goldenberg

Heather Newton: First-Time Novelist

by Nancy Russell-Forsythe

Why Write?

by Brian Hart