Issue 19

Spring Chores

by Lynn McLure

Tears of Ra

by Mendy Knott

My Father's Tree

by Jeanne Howe

Peeping Tom

by Cathy Larson Sky

A Psalm for Life

by Anne Maren-Hogan


by Julie Carroll

Morning with Onion

by Alida Woods

Mary Anne

by Sandra Schmid

Dark Night

by Kathy Weisfeld

His Girl

by Georgia Smith

Missing Something

by Alex Arnold

First Tai Chi

by Jennie Boyd Bull


by Paige Gilchrist

from The Evolution of Essie

by C.L. Phillips

Yellow Tomatoes

by Tena Frank


by Candice Janco

from Among the Weeds

by Stephany L.N. Davis

The Mourning Show

by Tonya Maxwell

Getting Better

by Stephanie Rogers

from No Vital Signs

by Laurie Tollman

Can Writing Be Taught?

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief