Issue 16

Child Of Ghosts

by Ashley Sronce

Good News from the Great Smokies Community

by Tommy Hays, Executive Director, Great Smokies Writing Program

Unlikely Sources of Tension

by Eric Steineger

Recipes for Life and Laughter

by Heather Newton's 2016 Summer Writing Workout Class

Spines of the Saguaro

by Audra Coleman

Peace River

by Kay Manley

Snake Elegy

by Miles Kelley

West Palm Beach

by Marla Chalnick


by Joyce Thornburg


by Cathy Larson Sky

from The Composer

by Rita Marks

The Coffee Shop

by Dodd Ellsworth

Music in the Air

by Ann Batchelder

Burning the Dead

by Rebecca Wallace-Aktas

Once more, with feeling

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief