Issue 11

Surprise Party

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief

One Day in July

by Taylor Heise

A Boat Life

by Jake Sorofman

Listening to the Blues

by Carol Flake

Ode to The Shaker Hymn

by Anne Waters Green

The Third Man

by Peter P. Jones

Descent of the Croissant

by Tucker Cox

Reading Thomas Wolfe

by Jane Mary Curran

Tangerine Hunter

by Kim Winter Mako, Guest Editor

from Whale Medicine

by Banta Whitner

from Mr. Diggs

by Simone Chimyo Atkinson


by Ryan Anderson

Going Home

by Jan Fisher


by Kelly Scheuneman

Don't Fence Me In

by Bill Slawter

Wet Feathers

by Katie Birchenough


by Ginny Boyer