Issue 10

The School of One in Ten

by Cathy Agrella, Guest Editor

Fit to Print: Spring 2014

by Tommy Hays, Executive Director, Great Smokies Writing Program

Dress Your Darlings

by Jennifer McLean

Felted at Fifty

by Benjamin Gillum

I've Come Calling

by Anne Maren-Hogan

Emma, 1951

by Cathy Larson Sky

Chopping Greens

by Cynthia Lindeman


by Jennifer Key

Sweet Spot

by Alida Woods


by Ginger Graziano


by Janet Shaw


by Jean Cassidy


by Whitney Waters

Bedroom Wall

by Laurie Wilcox-Meyer


by Kathy Nelson

from Lansdowne's Ring

by John Oravets

from The Candidate

by Robert Black

from The Late Gatsby

by David Schulman

A Hot Day

by Hannah Doyle


by Caralyn Davis

What I Don't Understand

by Diana Donovan

In Praise of Front Matter, Wherever It May Be

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief