Novel Excerpts

from The Raiders

by Lance Martin

from Grief, Magic, and Boba

by Hope Donnellan

from Baseline Road

by Orlando Davidson

from The Place Where I Belong

by Margaret Ann Faeth

from The Treatment, Chapter 1

by Carol Gottshall

from Oh, the Beautiful Hills

by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

from The Hollow

by David Etheridge


by Matt Daniel

from Indigo Landing

by Jean Sexton

from Halfway Home

by Rachel Stein

from The Devil's Web

by Lillian Augspurger

from Jolene, Joe-Pye

by SE Carter

from The Composer

by Rita Marks

from How Does He Tempt Us?

by Joshua Hughes

from Graveyard Shift

by Stanley Dankoski

from Passenger Girls

by Belle Crawford

from Great Smoke

by Billie Harper Buie

from Pieces of Annie

by Stacey Crowley

from String Weavers

by Linda McCracken

from The Oberlin Anomaly

by L. Chance Shiver

from Rhythms on a Flaming Drum

by Michael Hopping


by Hannah Epperson

from Whale Medicine

by Banta Whitner

from Mr. Diggs

by Simone Chimyo Atkinson

from Lansdowne's Ring

by John Oravets

from The Candidate

by Robert Black

from The Late Gatsby

by David Schulman

from Jacob's Holler

by Carrie Darden

from Nettie Watching

by Peggy Mann

from Garlic Girl

by Maryedith Burrell

Selections from Love in Storage

by Darlena Rice Moore

Selection from The Loft

by Peggy DeBell

Excerpt from Ira

by Starlina Rose

In Ollie’s Oyster House

by Barry Kelly

Prologue and Chapter One

by Lisa Watters

Chapter One

by Jim Kelton

Elephantizer Grows ’Em Big

by Linda McCracken

A Kindred Spirit

by Tawney Sankey


by Ted McIrvine

from The Paraclete

by Jerry Stubblefield