What We Keep

by Lindsey Donner

I have a photo from the night I killed a Canada
goose on Route 287. Not of the bird

but of me in my boyfriend’s smoky apartment,
where we painted a makeshift bookcase,

all Starry Nights and rainbow tie-dye. A memory
mapped doubly onto my brain:

by my red bandana and my 2001 jeans,
by the jolt of that large bird’s body

cast under the chassis, searing the moment
into legend. I have slipped that photo into book

after book, moved it 4 states, 1 country
and 9 houses; I see it in every mirror, eyelined

ghost of who I was. And the goose? Imagine it:
standing alone on a dark highway at 2 a.m.,

arched neck long in the wind, round black
eyes ablaze in the sudden, astonishing light.

Lindsey Donner has spent her professional career writing, editing, ghostwriting, and managing. After writing—but never sending—her MFA applications, she moved to México from New York City on a lark. Adventure ensued. Today, she lives in a bright green house in Asheville, North Carolina, and has resumed writing poems late at night. Prior work has appeared in An Anthology of Ink, Vol. 4 and The Gallatin Review.