Tanbou Haitian Drum

by Terry Leigh Deal

Dune, dune-goon, dune, dune-goon,
Older than a heartbeat
ear against the skin
I am all there is.

Pa, ta-ta-ta, pa, ta-ta-ta,
Barefoot farmer
feet as tough as rocks
I am all there is.

Whoop, wah, whoop, wah-wah,
Belly of woman
births a new merci
I am all there is.

Bong ba-da-da, bong ba-da-da,
Beckoning children
church bells chant
I am all there is.

Goo, do-goo, goo, do-goo-do,
Whirling wingbeats
dark hands fly
I am all there is.

Terry Deal is an educator who has taught in the Asheville area for thirty years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and Teaching Certification from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Educational Studies and Environmental Education from the University of Utah. Her writing often reflects her many years of service in Haiti.