by Ginger Graziano

Afterward, in his kitchen,
warm light streaming in,
he brings out the mango.

What is this? I ask,
when he holds it out.
I cup its heaviness,
surprised by its smooth
tight body, orange blush,
stem a protruding wick.

Does it taste like a peach?
He shakes his head,
peels the skin. Inside
a golden sun gleams.

You are like a child, he says,
just waking to the world.

Whose world? I say
as I grasp the mango,
the flesh sweet and rich,
all the way down to the pit.

Ginger Graziano is a poet/writer, graphic designer, painter, and sculptor with a studio in the River Arts District. Her memoir See, There He Is was published through Free Bird Press in 2015. Two chapters from it were published in Stone Voices and Ball State University’s online magazine, Embodied Effigies. Excerpts from her memoir are included in the anthology Writing In Circles, The Art of Soul-Making. Her poetry has been published in The Great Smokies Review, WNC Women, Long Story Short, and The Conium Review. Her poem “Awakening” began as a memory until her imagination took over the pen.