by Kay Duncan

in my other life
I am a fairy godmother
alas not in this one
I share with you

instead of my glittery wand
wielding fresh starlight onto age-old pain
only a worn caduceus
more rounds of radiation and chemo
care I have no confidence in

I can offer no magic
no elixir to unhurt
your bones—no
buffer to this suffering

I feed you a ginger chocolate
recollect pearls from our jewel box of memories
hold your face in my hands
a long moment

until we dissolve into shards of darkness
threaded like beads on a necklace
hoping the space
between gems
lets breathing in

Kay Duncan concentrated on creating compelling images in her career as a graphic designer and art director. Now she focuses on writing compelling words.

About Wandless—This poem sprang from spending time with a friend who is in constant pain, feels wretched, and isn’t going to get well. I long for a way to make it better.