A Plea

by Caty Carlin

Let the cleansing begin
let the storm, the flood
the great fires
cast their voices
for the earth

Let the sounds
of the winds
that have not been heard
be carried like nets
across the mighty oceans

Let the ripping
of old white skin
hung in dark suits
be spun
into something precious

Let the unspooling
of the old woven cloth
spiral into the rising water
weaving new seeded soil
into a slit of sunlight

Let the old world
be jealous of the new
and the last fluttering of wings
be heard from
the most distant star

Caty Carlin is a textile artist, store owner, and lover of poetry. After thirty-five years as a studio artist, making figurative fabric sculpture, she now creates with real people in Burnsville, North Carolina. She has a passion for words and writing and finding beauty in everything.

About A Plea—This is a poem written during the time of the Kavanaugh hearing. It was inspired by the events that shaped the hearing as well as by my witnessing the flight of a hawk.