Two Poems

by Kathy Weisfeld

She Collects What She Can Hold In Her Hand

It's the ephemeral
that intrigues her—
shared laughter, tears elicited
from a story, stars, meals
cooked and eaten,
phases of the moon, the hope
of seeing the first spring bud unfurl.

As a child, she kept
part of her lunch money,
saving to buy nesting toys—
dolls from many nations,
a toad, an egg, a dragon, a cat.
She'd open them
line them up, big to little,
always amazed at how small
the smallest one could be.
She put them back, one inside
the other to change
her perspective.

As an adult, she buys boxes—
metal, wood, paper , clay.
Boxes she can hold in her palm.
She might fill one—
a tiny shell, stone, pearl,
marble, coin or cat whisker.
Some she leaves empty.
Sometimes she opens one.

Roaming Galaxies

She was never tethered to the earth,
all her ancestors long gone, her mind
stretched out toward galaxies,
our conversations unexpected universes
of diverging converging thoughts.

I travelled with her words, got lifted up
to cross horizons, learned constellations.
Or, we'd hunt crawdads,
turn over the obvious, surprised
in the discovery of depths.

She's gone now, out into the ethers
where she always roamed.
I hide under rocks, mud
draws me inward, without
her to point out the stars.

Kathy Weisfeld lives in Burnsville, North Carolina. Her poems have been published in The Great Smokies Review and WNC Woman. In 2011, North Carolina Poet Laureate, Joseph Bathanti, mentored her as part of the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet Series. Her poem "Equinox" won second place in an Asheville Writers' Workshop contest. She is program chair for the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival Burnsville.

About She Collects What She Can Hold In Her Hand—This personal poem arose one day when I was thinking about patterns in my life.

About Roaming Galaxies—This poem was from a class exercise for which we answered ten questions. The answer to #10 became the title, #1 the last line, etc. We did a free write from which each student gleaned a poem. This one is mainly in answer to: What is a question to which you never learned the answer?