by Carol Flake

Perched on a shiny white steed,
I look out over my kingdom.
A pink and purple dress
caresses my child body, my hair in braids,
I’m poised to travel.

It starts with music, tinkly, bright.
My white stallion begins to gallop,
carries me round and round
up and down to the tempo of the tune.
My horse is strong. He lifts me high.

We go up and down.  Round and round.
I am three.

Now I travel astride panther,
obsidian shadow slinks
through night jungles under moonless sky.
Panther takes me to the depths,
brings me home.

We go up and down.  Round and round.
I am wild.

Heather-gray hulk rises from ocean.
Dolphin draws me to her.
My dolphin family moves in formation
smoothly in and out of our saltwater home
along the threshold where sand meets sea meets sky.

We go up and down.  Round and round.
I am free.

Carol Flake, a former college professor, has spent the thirteen years of her retirement manifesting her muse. A potter, photographer, and dreamworker, she is now exploring her poetic voice.

About Carousel—This poem was written as a celebration of my two young grandgirls’ love of the ride and my own dreams and shamanic travels with power animals.