Miss Bella

by Tucker Cox

Big black orbs reflect her soul.
Poodle’s wagging pompom
touches; keeps me whole.
I see Zen truth, without cause, now, still, disarmed.

Sleeping on back, flat paws facing high,
content, comfortable, spontaneous, present.
I wander, accept, true faith draws nigh;
postpones awareness, always pre-eminent.

She accepts love; does not try to cope.
The light she casts radiates from her being.
I know. I cling. While there’s breath, there’s hope.
In the moment, Zen I am, faith not fleeing.

Tucker Cox is a student at UNC Asheville. His most recent career was as an instructor at the Terry College of Business of The University of Georgia in Athens. He currently aspires to write about travel, with a lifetime goal of one hundred countries and seven continents. He lives in Tryon with his wife, Joyce, and their standard poodle, Miss Bella.

About Miss Bella—Bella’s loving, pleasing personality inspired this poem.