Production Pots, No More

by Wendy Kochenthal

Imagine glazing 6 sushi plates
at once…to make them all look like
the original…the one everybody loves.

Imagine combing your hair impatiently,
fast…unconsciously...without feeling
the long rose wood teeth tickling your scalp.

Imagine painting 6 round plates
laid out in an assembly line
losing desire for radiant red, butterscotch yellow, bone black lines.

Imagine soft, silk hair flowing, sliding
between fingers, slowly, patiently…with loose
love, long thin caresses wanting.

Wendy Kochenthal lived in New York City as a child and young adult, fled to the Maine woods and ocean, and now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

About Production Pots, No More—I wrote “Production Pots, No More” at a time when I felt I had lost my creativity and my sense of self for the sole purpose of selling my pots. I was inspired while reading about archetypal symbols.