Chakra Beat

by Gary Miller

Hey Black Mamba doing the samba
sittin’ at the base of my spine.

Don’t you think it’s time to slink
up through the wide of the sky?

Sax man wail your trail of scales
call my lover up from Washington Square.

Don’t linger there just pay the fare,
I’m stuck at the belly of the beast.

Mamba moves on a breeze of grooves
up the ladder from my last resort.

To Ezekiel’s Wheel no one can steal,
while I listen to the un-struck chord.

Echoes flow from the world I know
as my Lover beckons heart to heart.

Black Mamba’s tide bids me arise
taste the pure and all-sustaining grace.

Illumined eyes show no surprise
endless blessings from this Holy Place.

Now I am One completely done
a thousand petals crown my shining Face.

Gary Miller lives in Lake Lure, North Carolina.